About the artist

Get to know the woman behind the paintbrush.

“My paintings encourage a conversational experience by acknowledging that everyone sees the world differently.”

Painting full-time from the quiet surroundings of my studio has been a lifelong dream of mine. To see my clients’ faces light up with love and admiration when they purchase one of my paintings truly gives my life meaning.

It is my mission as an artist to put a smile on your face. I want to fill my clients’ walls with imaginative landscapes captured in whimsy shapes and vibrant colours. I want to add a little happiness to your day.

My story begins many moons ago. At the impressionable age of four, I was gifted art supplies from my grandmother, who was also an artist. In grade two, my school principal hung one of my paintings in his office and my parents quickly enrolled me in art classes.

In my formative years, I moved to Montreal and attended the Galeria d’art Pallette Art School, where I was influenced under the guidance and encouragement of Canadian artist Renate Heidersdorf. Renate not only helped me find my voice as a young artist – she taught me to pursue my passion with conviction and find a way to share it with others.

As my “voice” gained prominence, my art took on new meaning, becoming a defining element for how I viewed the world.

After graduating from Queens University with an Honours Degree in Fine Arts, I jumped at the opportunity to design the display windows of The Robert Simpson flagship store in Toronto. From here, I went on to work alongside Jim Henson, the creative icon behind The Muppets. Perhaps the most pivotal moment in my art career took place when I began working with children. Presenting my students with a palette of colours, I taught them to see the world in shapes and embrace the beauty of their imagination. (Who decided trees must be green and brown, anyway? Mine are often red or purple.)
I like to think I share a love of vibrant colour with Indigenous Canadian artist Norval Morrisseau. I still remember the first day I saw Morrisseau’s paintings hanging in a room; it had a profound effect on me. Drawing from the unique styles of artists like Morrisseau, Matisse, Hundertwasser, Kandinsky, Harrison and Thomson, I look at art as an opportunity to celebrate life and the world around us. My paintings, inspired by Canadian landscapes, begin from a sketch or photograph before transforming into a canvas of colourful shapes created from layers upon layers of vibrant acrylic paint.

I believe the reason I am here today, doing what I love, is because I had the courage to believe in myself and follow my voice.

My art has guided me through some incredible hardships in life, including the deaths of both my parents and my personal battle against breast cancer. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the incredible support of my amazing family and friends. And I refuse to wait for “some day” to leave my mark on the world – the time is now. As an artist, you must create your own story. So have fun, be bold, and don’t be distracted by what others think. This mentality has served me well over the years and I hope that my perseverance inspires my own children, and grandchildren, not to let anyone or anything stop you from pursuing your dreams. Hugs and kisses, Vicki
No Worries