Paintings to brighten your world

Here, you won’t just find artwork that “pops” in any particular space;
these paintings are created to light the room on fire.

Photographer – Nikki Mills

About the Art

I see the world in shapes

Hi, I’m Vicki. I’m here to share my passion, make a difference and put a smile on your face.

What begins as a memory, sketch or photograph, transforms in my mind’s eye to a lively collection of shapes and lines. My paintings are a celebration of life and nature, inspired by our incredibly beautiful Canadian landscapes.

About the Artist

Beyond the canvas

As an artist, you must create your own story.

Painting full-time from the quiet surroundings of my studio has been a lifelong dream of mine. To see my clients’ faces light up with love and admiration when they purchase one of my paintings truly gives my life meaning.


A painting that will last a lifetime

Every piece of art I create holds a piece of my heart, connecting me with my clients for life. The canvas is covered in so many layers of paint, the painting—and the splash of joy it adds to your home—will last forever.

Interested in commissioning a custom piece? Connect with me to capture your favourite landscape on canvas.


The inspiration behind the art

Videographer – Luke Smith


What my clients are saying

Vicki your paintings always warm my heart and put a smile on my face.

You are such an inspiration.


I love Vicki Carruthers art because it is solidly real in colour, bold and fun yet ephemeral in interpretation. The essence of nature’s objects.


My wife and I are absolutely amazed by your work. It is so visually striking and vibrant, so unique and powerful. Can’t wait to have one of our own.


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